We provide the consulting skills to help you:

  • Identify the target market and concept
  • Outline Demographics
  • Development and productization
  1. Costing
  2. Design conceptualization
  3. Software development (device)
  4. Software development application hardware development(PCB)
  5. High level design
  6. Schematic Design
  7. PCB Design
  8. Gerber files and netlist setup
  9. Software and hardware and costing  to do project
  10. Estimated manufacturer costing for PCB
  11. Testing of product
  12. Market testing of product

Target  potential market investors and what we provide to you to help present to them with what they require:

  1. create a letter of introduction
  2. build a executive summary
  3. create ROI outline
  4. create an abbreviated business plan
  5. Identify market demographics
  6. provide research on  market white papers
  7. if not  incorporated provide pros and cons of sole, partnership, S corp, C corp, LLC or LTD. You must make the informed decision.
  8. provide options on protecting your IP(intellectual property)

Program - Project Management Services

Business Consulting Services

  • We provide direction in securing the software and hardware needed to complete projects by building your project timeline for your product.
  1. Such as where to acquire the software needed for the different facets of the project
  2. Potential training needs and where to secure these
  3. Building timelines on how long different facets of the project will take
  4. Project manage these facets of the product to completion
  5. Vendor management both components and end product manufacturers
  6. Manufacturering contacts for your specific type of product development

Research and Development

            both software and hardware.

Our Services